Jessica Dodd's School of Dance
There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. ~Vicki Baum

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Calendar for 2019-2020

Classes begin on September 3, 2019

NO Classes
October 31st (Thursday) for Halloween
November 26-30 for Thanksgiving
(Tuesday - Saturday)
December 21-January 3 for Winter Break
March 8-14 for Spring Break

Rehearsal and Recital May 16, 2019
(More details to follow)

Quarters are as follows:
1st Quarter September 3, 2019
2ndquarter October 29 ,2019 
3rd quarter January 13, 2020
4th quarter March 16, 2020

Payment is due at the beginning of each quarter
(Talk to Ms. Jessica about payment plan if needed)

Visitors weeks are usually the last week of the quarter. With the exception of 2nd quarter. We have our Holiday visitors week in December. Dancers will receive a note a week or 2 prior to visitors week.  Dancers can invite someone to come watch their class.