Jessica Dodd's School of Dance
There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. ~Vicki Baum

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Classes Offered: 

#1: One-Hour Combination Class:
Tap and Ballet for ages 3 and up. Classes organized by age. Example: 3-4 year olds, 4-5 year olds, etc.

6 and younger will also have some tumbling and creative movement. 7 and older will do jazz and creative movement.

Price: $80.00 every 8 weeks or $320.00 for 32 weeks

#2 Exceptional Dance:
For children of all ages and abilities to explore the art of dance. ½ hour class with lots of fun music and movement.
​OR  21/2- 3 beginner:
This is a pre-dance class. We will work on following directions, taking turns and moving our body in fun and creative ways 
Price: $50.00 every 8 weeks or $200.00 for the year

#3: Hour-and-a-Half Combination Class:
This class is for 10+. we will do tap, jazz, and ballet. Pointe is an option for dancers selected by Ms. Jessica. Will learn techniques, stretches and dances in all styles
Ages 10+

Price: $90.00 every 8 weeks or $360.00 for 32 weeks

#4: One Hour Technique/Lyrical Movement Class
Will work on ballet technique including leaps, jumps, and turns. We will also work on lyrical dances and movement. Must have prior dance experience
Ages 12+
Price: $80.00 every 8 weeks or $320.00 for 32 week

#5: Hip Hop/Jazz:
We will do stretches and isolations, center combinations and dances. 
Ages 8-11, and 12+. 45 minutes.
Price: $75.00 every 8 weeks or $300.00 for 32 weeks

#6: Adult Ballet: / Adult tap/Jazz:
A 45-minute class for adults to ballet for fun and exercise.
45 minutes class for adults to do tap and jazz for fun and exercise.
Price: $75.00 every 8 weeks or $300.00 for 32 weeks
OR $90.00 if taken together